Our Services


We are ready to help your company in raising capital to achieve further business growth.

McM Capital has been involved in equity and debt offerings for a range of Indonesian companies. We provide advisory, assistance, and solution tailored to company’s specific needs and unique conditions.

We have a broad and in-depth knowledge of standard practices for public offerings and capital market regulations.

Our team is small but experienced, who will provide support at every stage of the offering/listing process.

We work in team that includes investment banks, law firms, auditors, and other parties involved for a successful offering.


Due Diligence

If your company is considering Merger and Acquisition transactions, we can assist you in conducting due diligence to uncover potential financial and strategic risks and rewards, evaluating potential synergies, measuring transaction implications, and developing effective strategy to execute the transactions. 


A robust valuation is much needed to support corporate transactions such as M&A and any other shareholders decision making. Our team works on sound financial projection and relevant valuation techniques to deliver an outcome you can rely on.


When you need to solve financial difficulties, our team is able to guide you through the difficult time. We provide services to assist companies in resolving financial issues and help to improve businesses that are performing at below optimum level. We assist troubled companies in corporate restructuring, debt restructuring, and finance raising.


We also have our own boutique private equity service as an alternative to traditional financing. We invest in both equity and loans. Please refer to www.goldfivecapital.com for further details.